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There are multiple outlets in which someone can get their business noticed. Most of these outlets are pretty expensive for a business to pursue, but there is one method that only costs a person is time and a lot of people have mixed feelings about this outlet. This outlet is through the media. There are so many different media outlets in the world today and they are can be very easily accessed with the power of social media. All of these media outlets are constantly putting out new information about something, find that media outlet that can relate your business and do your best to give them a reason to get your story/business noticed.

It is important to be portrayed in a positive image when in the media. Always do whatever you can avoid negative publicity, but don’t be afraid of getting your name out there. Generating just a little buzz on your company can give it just the boost you need to take your business to the next level. Steven Schussler in his book “It’s A Jungle In There”, states that you should always go out of your way to give the media a story. They may just being doing a quick Q & A with you, nothing substantial enough to get a full story out of you. Steven says give them enough to make a full-page article out of what is said. Go out of your way to provide interesting, unique, or personal information about the company (obviously this should all be positive and nothing that could have a poor outcome on the company) and make sure they get something that they’ll want to publish. Businesses can live or die by this. The amount of free advertising that can come out of the media can be the difference between the business thriving or dying, people need to realize the media is your friend.

With the impact and possibilities of social media in today’s world, you can create your own media outlet and paint a picture of your business however you want. It is important to build up your business’ identity through social media and make sure that you are getting as much positive press as possible. Social media outlets allow for the business to sell their products or services, become a valuable resource for a customer or potential customer, and provide quality customer service. Doing all three of these things well will produce a positive perception of the business and only help it grow.

Media outlets should always be pursued in order to help grow a business. Whether it is through traditional media outlets like newspapers or magazines, or through the world of social media, make sure your utilizing the media to the best of your ability. There aren’t any other outlets that can create awareness to millions of potential customers for free. Just as positive media can have such a great impact on a business, remember that negative media can have just the opposite effect. Businesses are so much more accessible with todays technological capabilities, make sure that these are used to your business’s advantages, not disadvantages.


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3 thoughts on “Positive Press – The power of media

  1. Chris,

    Social media is a wonderful tool for small business. I work for a large corporation and it really is not involved in social media. The breweries and home brewery supply stores that I have visited all have Facebook pages or Instagram. Some even send out group email lists of current events or special new releases. I think the new social media has taken over traditional advertising in ways…at least for small and local businesses.


  2. You made a very key statement in the fact that we must try and avoid bad press, but not be afraid of it. Because Press is press and in early chapters we discussed failure and how we turn it around. This is the same as it relates to bad press.

    You have mentioned that we have so many outlets for press. This is very true with the Internet . We have methods of receiving information instantaneously from all across the world with just the click of a button. It is important though, that we focus on positive press.

    I would think that more small businesses would be taking advantage of the free social media press outlets. However I have seen several that have not really understood the power of the Social Media. This was a great post. More businesses need to hear information like this and add professional development for their staff in these areas.

    T. Kwasikpui

  3. I love the emphasis you placed on social media. I have had a few associates who have done quite well on social sites such as Instagram/Vine. They use it very effectively to promote their brand. I hope to borrow from their book and also use social media to enhance my business ventures in the future. I also agree that you should give more than enough to interviewers so that a story could spin in many positive directions. Thank you again for your message.


    Doc Dillard

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