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Solution to a Problem

Hello All,

I realize my blog has been looking pretty empty so I thought I would post this article I found after running into an issue with the “Innovation on  a Napkin” assignment. My initial concept for this assignment was a Solar Powered Digital LED type of Billboard. I had always wondered why in the digital world that we live in, why we didn’t see more digital like billboards(think Times Square or the Las Vegas Strip). With the effectiveness and efficientcy of this concept over the typical billboard being that much greater. I feel like theres huge revenue potentials for high “foot traffic” areas. After a little research, I find that Digital Billboards have been banned in a lot of states, and there are lots of legal battles going on, some reasons being aesthetics and safety. After reading up on this and thinking about the amount of start up capital that would be needed I decided to go in a different direction(completely different). I still think that this concept has a lot of potential and would love to discuss further.

After thinking about what product or service I wanted to do for the “Innovation on a Napkin” assignment I realized how there is a whole process to finding a solution to a problem. I am looking at problems or areas of my life that I would like to make easier in my already busy schedule. I found this article helpful.  “5 Steps to Developing an Innovative Solution to a Problem” by Ryan May on the, Steps are simple but I think its a good review as we go through this class and any other entrepreneurial ventures we may try to innovate on a napkin.

Stayed tuned for my “Innovation on Napkin” animation to be posted to BlackBoard in the near future.